Our History

Casa de Pan Church had its beginnings more than 18 years ago in the hearts of Latino migrants who came to London in search of better days for their families. After a miracle-filled revival that took place in West London in 2002, a small congregation emerged, forming what is now CP Ministries UK - Casa de Pan; to pray, study the scriptures and help those in need.

Soon after, Pastor Milton Padilla formally organized other small churches in South and North London, but the mother church in West London continued to bring more parishioners to the feet of Christ, and the years that followed saw great growth in every area of this movement.

House of Bread
House of Bread
House of Bread
CP Ministries UK

Our Mission

We want to be a community that is based on prayer and that biblical study and teaching become the pillars of our work, in order to achieve this:

An increase of people in our community; where children and young people have the opportunity to be taught to live a Christ-centred lifestyle.

Work on a strategic plan that will allow us to move as a house to other places in and outside London.

To become a community church where migrants and others experiencing adverse circumstances can find appropriate help and support.

CP Ministries UK

Our Vision

We see CP Ministries UK – House of Bread, a Missionary Congregation, based in the City of London in the United Kingdom as follows:

As a vibrant community of Spanish-speaking immigrants we have and continue to learn to be true worshippers of the Triune God in the persons of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

We are people who are equipping ourselves with the Gospel of Jesus Christ to be channels of spiritual and social transformation for the people with whom we surround ourselves. We see coming out of Casa de Pan, people who will know how to use the Word of Truth well and will be Salt and Light bringing hope and love that can impact lives, families and communities.